Egypt : Political stability ‘important pillar’ of development in Egypt: Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

  • 19 November 2020 / Analysis / 232 / Emerging Africa

Egypt :  Political stability ‘important pillar’ of development in Egypt: Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil

CAIRO – 16 November 2020: Political stability is one of the most important pillars of development that Egypt is witnessing in the recent years, along with restructuring institutions, and restoring security and the solidity of the state, Businessman Ayman Al-Gamil said, Monday.

He added that investors are the most sensitive group to all kind of tensions in any country; accordingly, any strengthening of stability and confirmation of the state's strength is a direct support for investment and development.

Thus, the business community nationally and internationally looks at the development of Egypt’s political life, the performance of the government and the parties, and the recent elections of the Senate and House Representatives, and it can be said with confidence that the completion of the constitutional and representative institutions and the diversity of their composition represents a driving force for development and stimulating the economy, Gamil said.

The businessman added that the state prioritizes comprehensive economic and social development, and is fully aware that success in this path is linked to politics, the structures of constitutional and parliamentary institutions, the system of legislation and oversight of the executive authority.

Al-Gamil emphasized that the components of the Egyptian economic growth are currently witnessing a great diversity, especially in light of the state’s strong support for many vital sectors, including the construction and real estate sectors, energy, industry, agricultural activities, animal production and food processing.

The Egyptian businessman stressed on the importance of the business community to benefit from this ‘mature environment’ in terms of political life, through the development of ideas, projects and permanent work for expansion and diversification of the investment portfolio.

Al-Gamil called on companies and investors to keep pace with the ambition of the political leadership and its rapid steps, in the interest of everyone, the state, the economy, the citizen and the business community as well.

source: egypttoday

Analyste: Ayman Al-Gamil


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